White sand, warm blue water,
beautiful Marco Island...

Marco Island

This is known to be the second sand island all over the world with 98% of it set for a National Park. It is home to many features right from the pristine white sandy beaches, huge sand dunes, native animals, crystal clear freshwater lakes, abundant wildflowers, and creeks.

TThis island was originally referred to as Moorgumpin; the name literally means land of sandhills. Its first inhabitants were the Ngugi tribe. The people of this land as a strong spiritual believe through their connection with the sea and land, here, some animals are even linked with some customs and traditions. Many cultural sites have made to be recorded over this beautiful island and include large shell middens, bone and shell scatter and a stone quarry.

Note that this island is only accessible fully by the 4WD vehicle and in case you lack one, you can consider hiring one at the resort. You can choose their populous island safaris or also plan to be picked up by Marco Island 4WD Taxi Service to take you all through this beautiful island.

Marco IslandMarco Island

Beautiful places to tour

At the island, there are actually many walking tracks just right from half-day hikes to the short easy stroll ones. Wandering around this site is among the ways you can appreciate its features and there you can discover its different wildlife habitats.